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A powerful program, starting with a luscious, live experience created by Jennifer Zwiebel & A Place of Joy™.
Designed for extraordinary women to launch your passion project.

You know who you are.


Sunday, May 5, 2013
10:30 AM - 4:00 PM
New York City

1 day live + 40 days of connection & support

Say yes to yourself.


It's really happening!!

The live experience I've been dreaming about is coming to life! And if this invitation speaks to you,
I'd LOVE for you to be there--both for what you're meant to receive and for what you're meant to contribute.

Are you ready for what's next in your life?

Are you on the precipice of launching into an even bigger, more powerful, more truthful phase of your life and/or business, and long for connection with other women who can encourage, inspire, support and celebrate you?

Do you want to dig deeper into that project that's been lingering in your mind, secretly feeding you joy but never quite getting off the ground?

Do you know that whatever's coming next for you is going to require that you be honest about what you want, willing to look at what's still in your way, and courageous, committed and stubborn enough to keep pushing through, no matter what it takes?

Does the thought of spending an afternoon in a room filled with astounding women who exude joy, vulnerability, generosity, courage, power and brilliance make you giddy with anticipation?

And would you love to have ongoing connection with these women beyond this afternoon?

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If so, you probably belong at Into the Light!

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Since I discovered the importance of looking both inside and out in order to have the relationships, business, home, financial security and peace of mind I want, I've experienced surges of growth, vortexes of despair, crescendos of exuberance, and gaping holes of fear. I've learned and I've changed AND I still struggled, in big ways.

I thought that if I just hired the right coaches I would have all my answers. I thought they held the secrets, and
I will tell you that I got really pissed off when my life didn't become exactly what I wanted it to be after working with someone for six or twelve or more months.

But here's the problem with what I was doing:

1. No one else had the answers I was seeking, as much as I wanted that to be true. I was asking for something that wasn't possible, so of course I was always disappointed. The answers were inside of me, I just didn't always remember or believe it--or know how to get them out.

I had to find the right people to work with. Getting guidance and support from the right experts can be life-changing. I finally figured out that the "right" experts for me were people who guided me to see the truth. They gave me tools and insights and encouragement to discover what was true for ME; they didn't tell me what was true for them and that I should just do what they did.

I was afraid to look at the truth. There were so many areas in my life that I just didn't want to look at too closely because it hurt. It hurt because my marriage didn't feel the way I wanted it to, there wasn't enough money to take care of my family, I wasn't running the right business, and my home was a mess (to name a few things). And it hurt because of the massive amounts of shame, fear, and "not-good-enough-ness" that I carried with me at all times.

I was stuck, and I couldn't move forward because I was afraid.

Being around people who understood that, who had experienced it themselves and were willing to talk about it, helped me take a massive leap forward in my life. That's what I've created here.

Into the Light
is designed to help you see where you're still stuck, in spite of everything you've learned, and done, and invested in. It's designed to help you feel safe and fine and relaxed enough to see the next steps coming through.

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It's a space to safely look at where you want to go next, to accept the challenges and opportunities that are opening up for you, and to be embraced, encouraged and inspired by some of the most amazing women I know. As you connect more deeply to your purpose, your innate power, and to other women doing extraordinary things, you can look at the things you might not have wanted to see, and create compassionate, joyful ways to move forward.

This program is specifically designed to create a safe and sacred space for powerful women to be vulnerable.

It's designed to let you look at WHY you're still stuck, in spite of all you've accomplished, all you've invested in learning and changing and growing, and all you've seen that is possible for you.

It's designed to help you set aside frustration, fear, anger, jealousy, and all those other things that haunt you so you can give yourself the space, time and permission to look at what's really going on.

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Into the Light includes:

  • A joy-filled day in a space that serves as a burlesque hall at night, (awesome), filled with fantastic women with whom you will probably laugh, cry, dance and embrace the magic of this world and the role you're here to play in it.

  • A day filled with me! I really can't wait to hang out with you, and to take you through some of my most powerful tools. We're going to activate them at the event so you can walk out with a clear strategy for the next 40 days. The Place of Joy™ process is designed to help you get clear on what you want and focus you with an achievable game-plan that includes structure, accountability and support.

  • The chance to be selected for live coaching with me to custom-fit the tools to your desires, resistance and needs, and to help you unlock your own particular brand of superpower.

  • The opportunity to learn from women of all backgrounds and paths, traveling different journeys, seeking to boost each other up and live lives as truth seekers and tellers.

  • Experiential learning that will sink the messages into your mind, body and spirit.Connections with smart, funny, creative, loving, extraordinary women who are making the world a better place simply by being who they are--and who are stronger, braver, and more successful because of their friendships and partnerships with like-minded women.

  • Good food. (If you know me, you know this is essential to having a phenomenal day.) Relax, connect, and let it all sink in over lunch, and experience that warm and cozy feeling you get when your tummy is full.Then jump back in for a doozy of an afternoon.


  • 40 more days of community, connection and support. Harness the energy and inspiration you discover at the live event and stay connected to the amazing women you meet while you make daily shifts to manifest your vision! Stay connected and accountable in your private Facebook group, where you'll also receive feedback from me.


  • Two live group teaching/Q&A calls to further the teachings we begin at the mini-retreat and to answer questions that come up for you along the way. It's a space to share, support, get coached, and celebrate what you're creating in your life!


  • A little private time with me : ) Well, you didn't think I was going to spend the day with you and then never call you again, did you? After what we experience together, I'm going to want to know how you're doing and what became clear to you over the day. So look forward to a little chat with me in the week or two after the event during which you can share, ask questions, and own your vision.



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Now here's the deal:

I want to keep it intimate so you truly have a chance to be heard, to get to know the other women, and to ignite something special in this space, so I'm limiting the number of spaces available. The spots are going to fill, (they started getting snapped up before this page was even up.)

If you know you belong here, please grab your spot now! The Into the Light Experience is $397. This includes a joy-filled day, powerful tools, extraordinary connections, lunching and lounging, most likely some pretty awesome breakthroughs, and a very sparkly gift bag. And yep, there's a two-pay option.

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, if you love to grow, laugh and explore with your friends, bring 'em! Friends of extraordinary women tend to be extraordinary women, and it would be amazing to know more of them.

To make that easy to bring your friends, I created a
bring-a-friend special. Sign up with someone you'll love to share the day with and pay just $197 each.

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Ways to Pay

Still wondering if you are one of the women who belong at Into the Light? Maybe this will help:

Into the Light

  • Intimate--We're inviting a limited number of women to share in this experience so real connections can be made and real transformation can be witnessed.

  • Experiential--Clarity comes through working with mind, body and spirit, and we will move from talking into action so you walk out already in-process.

  • Fun!--Self-explanatory, and I'm not going to ruin the surprises by telling you what's in store!

  • Luscious--It's being held in a space that doubles as a burlesque club. There will be pillows and chocolate. Not your typical convention hall.

  • Magical--When you choose to carve out time for yourself to be cared for, to get centered, to connect with joy, to let yourself feel what you feel and want what you want, miracles can happen.

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Is this for you?

Do you...

  • Love to laugh your ass off with good friends?

  • Believe in the importance of healing and learning through mind, body and spirit?

  • Breathe a huge sigh of relief when you find people who speak your language?
Are you...

  • Always expanding--your mind, your understanding of the universe, your possibilities?

  • Choosing to live consciously, even when it hurts?

  • Willing to look at what you really want in this life, and what it might take to have it?


Then, yes, one of these spots is meant for you.

The Into the Light Experience is $397. Jump in right now and secure your spot!

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And if you're coming with a friend, get your tickets for
just $197 each!

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Ways to Pay

It is NOT for you if you...

  • Like to jump from event to event looking for the magic bullet and don't really want to do the work it takes to get where you want to go.

  • Aren't willing to look at truths in your life that might hurt. This isn't a pain-fest or a pity-party, but I've found that getting what you want starts with being honest about where you are, as honest as you're ready to be in the moment.

  • Prefer to stay on the surface, addressing practical details of work and life and not wanting to delve into patterns, thoughts, beliefs and habits.
It's FINE if that works better for you, and it also means that this isn't going to be fun for you. Thank you for reading this far, and may your journey bring you what you're searching for.

The world is filled with miraculous women who are making a difference in the world simply by being exactly who they are.
If you know you're on a path, and something bigger is coming, and you're longing for a community of women to travel with, I want to bring you in to share your energy with other Truth-Tellers, Trouble-Makers and Dream-Claimers.

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Remember, spots are limited, and they're going fast. If you're supposed to be here, please grab your spot.

Join the Into the Light Experience for $397. This includes a joy-filled day, powerful tools, extraordinary connections, lunching and lounging, most likely some pretty awesome breakthroughs, and a very sparkly gift bag. And yep, there's a two-pay option.

By the way, this is me:

Jennifer Zwiebel
- I'm the founder of A Place of Joy™, and I help extraordinary women connect to what truly brings them joy, and then empower them to live their visions.

Answers to Your Burning Questions

Is the point of this event just to sell me another, more expensive program?

Good question, and no. I know that lately live events have gotten the reputation of existing simply to promote bigger ticket items. They often seem designed to overwhelm you with information to a point where you can't believe how much more there is to learn and don't know how you could possibly learn it all without signing on to another (significantly more expensive) program.

Here's what I think: There is a lot to learn, and there always will be. Some programs are fantastic at teaching these things, and lots of women do learn best with ongoing guidance and support. BUT that doesn't mean one afternoon can't be transformational.

Into the Light is designed as a standalone experience.

The aim of this event is to create a sacred space in which you can look at the truth about what's really going on for you, (both personally and professionally), give yourself permission to actually want what you want, and take one big step right into action. It's also filled with laughter, joy, music, wisdom, extraordinary women and a little bit of magic.

I actually
am launching a brand new program about a month after Into the Light, and I'm going to take about five minutes to tell you about it, because some of you will love it. But it doesn't matter if it's a fit for you or not, because if you've been drawn to this live event you're going to get exactly what you need.

The day is about YOU, where you are now, what you envision for yourself, and getting you moving towards it actively, consistently, and with great joy. When you walk out the door, you will already have started.

What do you really think I can get out of a one-afternoon event?

First of all, if you're the right person for this event, you're going to have a really good time.
If you like to laugh hard, connect with amazing, like-minded women, and get inspired by women who are willing to be honest about how they've created joy in they're lives, then you're going to love it.

Second, it's different from other events. This is about stepping into an experience outside of your everyday life.
It's about letting down your guard, opening up your mind, and being taken care of for an afternoon. It's designed to activate your body, mind and spirit in a safe, compassionate space. You get to see as much as you're ready to see about what you want, what's stopping you, and what you're willing to do to create what you're wishing for.

you will be taking action. You will leave with a clear action plan designed to move you, starting immediately, towards one specific goal at the heart of your vision. This is about gaining clarity and focus and coupling it with commitment.

this isn't just one afternoon. This is designed as an activation, so if you're ready to shift something in your life, this is where you get to take the first step. There will be opportunities to stay connected with the women you share the day with, and you can continue to hold the space for each other.

Fifth, there will be lots of awesome things going on that you'll just have to experience to believe. I'm not going to tell you what they are, because that will spoil the surprise, but if you're interested enough to have read this far on the sales page, you're probably going to like them.

And sixth, there will be goodie bags.

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Will there be food?

If you don't know me, this is a perfectly logical question. If you have ever seen me pack for a two-hour plane ride, however, you know that I have some deep-seated fear of going hungry and not having access to food. I usually bring nuts, water, chocolate, cheese, crackers, fruit, sometimes a get the picture.

yes, there will be food. Our day together starts with registration at 10:30 AM, so I'm assuming you will have eaten breakfast. We'll have coffee, tea, water and light snacks available throughout the day.

Halfway through our time together we'll break for a luscious lunch that will be served in our event space. It will be a wonderful way to relax and spend some time getting to know each other more informally.

The meal will be vegetarian. Please let us know if there are any specific dietary needs we should know about, and we'll do everything we can to take care of you.

How easy is this place to get to?

Once you get to Manhattan, it's pretty straightforward. You can get to our fantastic venue by taxi or by subway + walking. It's on the Lower East Side, about a six-minute walk from the F train. We will send you directions once you've registered, and you can always let us know if you have any questions.

Will I need a sweater?

I tend to always have a sweater tucked into my bag (with all my snacks), just in case. Considering the fact that it's still snowing in New York, a sweater is probably a good idea. But this is not your typical iceberg-of-a-conference-room at a generic hotel. To give you an idea, they use this space at night for burlesque shows. So go ahead and bring a sweater, and toss in a feather boa if you have one, too!

What's with all the prices ending in "7"?

I know, I went back and forth on that. I used to hate it when people did that, then I got used to it because I saw it all the time in the coaching world. It's supposed to draw in special energy that's attached to the number seven.

Initially I nixed the sevens for these programs; in light of this event revolving so much around seeing and telling the truth, I wanted women to know what they were spending--$197 is basically $200, $347 is pretty much $350, so why don't we just call it what it is?

But, weirdly, these "seven" numbers just sounded right to me. I can't really explain it better than that. But, in case it bugs you, I get it, and I'm sorry about that. Just print out all the paperwork, cross out the prices, and round up to the nearest ten. Do what you need to do so that your decisions are based on what is real and right for you.

How do I know if this event is right for me?

Ah, the million dollar question. Or, in this case, the $397 question. Here's the deal: You can't be sure, and I can't be sure. If you like the sound of what I've been talking about on this page, and you think there's something more waiting to happen in your life, and you're willing to take an afternoon off and see what comes of it, then you'll probably like it.

I think this will be a fantastic event for women who are fun, optimistic, loving, compassionate, curious, risk-taking, visionary, open-minded, smart, smart-alecky, who see the beauty of this world and want to play their part in it.

If you're still wondering if it's a match, call me. Schedule a time by e-mailing and we'll talk it through. If you belong there, we'd really, really love to have you there--both for what you're meant to receive and for what you're meant to share with everyone else.

If Into the Light is not right for you, or not right at this moment, I wish you ease on your journey and light on your path--and look forward to meeting you in some way, someday. And if it IS calling your name--I can't wait to see you there!!! It is going to be truly incredible and I can't wait to share this experience with you.


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Are you coming with a friend? Get your tickets for just $197 each!
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